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Weddings: A very, very green 2017

In 2017, we have aimed towards the new tendencies without missing out on the classic, that is for sure infallible and loved by everybody.

The color of the season? The green Greenery a very joyful and live tone: that PANTONE has chosen this 2017 as a symbol of the circle between the end and rebirth, a union between the new beginnings and dream sunsets.  Fabulous, right?

Greenery has a very deep meaning and is, in addition, beautiful, reason for which we recommend it, even though it is not your favorite color.  Take these ideas that we bring to you today into account to be in “tone” with the green tendency of this year.

-In the invitations, remember that these are the prelude to establish the style of your wedding and make it clear to the guests what the color palate will be.

-Make sure to somehow include it in the thematic of your wedding decoration: with settings, napkins, center pieces, and table linens.  If your wedding will be outdoors and during the day, you will have in green a perfect ally.

-Use it as a complement to your wedding jewelry!  How about some green emerald earrings that highlight the color of your eyes and illuminate that radiant bride.  The color earrings are a safe choice because they function perfectly with the hairstyle of the minimalist bride, that grant jewelry the main participation.

-In the flowers, of course, and all the aspects of the wedding that have to do with nature, including always abundant foliage and green leaf.  This tendency works great on the bride’s bouquet.

-As a luxury backdrop, for the photocall.

-As a ‘natural’ step, for the more daring brides, that makes of their wedding shoes a declaration of originality.

-With a spectacular panel of maid of honor and bridesmaids that give sense to greenery with a dress with green details.  Spectacular!

-It could not be missing…the buttoniere on the flap of the groom.


As you can read, we love the election for color of the year, it reflects naturality, calm, and transports us to a totally organic environment. Even though you decide to incorporate it to something more than green linen or the color of the maid of honor dresses, it represents a whole new concept and makes you part of the tendency.

Incorporate “greenery” in any decoration and in any way you want.  Feel free of taking this concept as far as you wish.  It’s your wedding!

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